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Whether you are a wedding DJ, a professional videographer, or someone who just likes mood lighting at night, smart lighting is something everyone can benefit from. For a bright and vibrant lighting experience check out ShadowBox by VividLite.

ShadowBox is an all-purpose, battery-powered and color-adjustable wireless LED smart lamp that is perfect for any lighting situation. With an average run time of eight to twelve hours on a full charge, ShadowBox is packed with lighting features including fades, flashes and strobes – along with an endless amount of color options. Not only is this smart lamp a ton of fun, but it is also water...

ShadowBox is an innovative, color-changing, wireless LED lamp that's changing the way people look at lighting.

Introduced by the creative minds at Vividlite Wireless LED, ShadowBox lets you take control of color using a convenient app with your handheld device. Sleek and compact, this portable light is perfect for use on its own or in sync with up to 30 other ShadowBoxes to create your ideal lighting.


ShadowBox boasts a number of impressive and unique features that you simply cannot find in other wireless LED lighting solutions on the market.

Battery-Powered and Rechargeable

ShadowBox can be completely battery-powered (w...

New ShadowBox App Controlled Wireless LED Smart Lamp / Up Light

This Incredibly Bright, Feature-Packed Light is Now Available to Back on Kickstarter
VividLite, the industry leading provider of wireless LED lighting and home automation solutions, is proud to announce that its new ShadowBox smart lamp is now available to back on Kickstarter. The project seeks to raise $50,000 in funding by May 16, 2016 to bring the power of portable lighting to the widest possible audience.

This revolutionary, app powered lamp was designed from the ground up to be a uniquely all purpose, battery-powered, color adjustable, wireless LED lighting solut...

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